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The Top Ten Books

Dozens and dozens of books have been published about Alexander. And writers and researchers keep busy. A major new publication appears every few months. So what to choose? This is the Book Top 10. These are the ten prominent books that are currently most appreciated by the community. Votes and comments have been collected during the last few months.

  1. Alexander of Macedon; A Historical Biography by Peter Green

    amazon.comA new number # 1! This is a nice surprise. Many prefer Peter Green's style of quality writing. The book offers some intriguing interpretations of Alexander's motives and achievements. Also, Green walks a nice path in between Bosworth's criticism and Lane Fox's heroism. visitor Chris Bates said: "My favourite biography."

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  2. Conquest and Empire: The Reign of Alexander the Great by A. B. Bosworth

    amazon.comBrian Bosworth's excellent biography is not always in praise of Alexander. And that really is kind of an understatement. But the breadth and depth of Bosworth's scholarly approach is admired by many. And hated by some. A good book for a general overview, but please don't expect popular edutainment. member Heinrich Müller said: "Consistently black, yet in my view a must-read." (Bosworth still held the number # 1 spot in our Christmas 2004 Top 10.)

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  3. The Invisible Enemy by John Maxwell O'Brien

    amazon.comHas not been in the Top 10 for years, but more and more people are becoming supporters. Perhaps this book is more like a work of art than like a scholarly study. Deep undertones from the Iliad. Obsession with the god of wine. Additional poetry is included. visitor Linda Ann 'Amyntoros' DeSantis remarked: "Because it's still my favourite biography."

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  4. The Marshals of Alexander's Empire by Waldemar Heckel

    Marshals of Alexander's EmpireThis is Heckel's academic masterpiece. Very expensive and filled with scholarly annotations. However, it is one of the most admired books ever with those dedicated to Alexander for a very long time. Not starting material, for sure, but worth every single penny once your interests in Alexander advance to hardcore levels. Heckel unravels the personal stories and tragedies of Alexander's ruffian commanders. member Alexander Meeus said: "Excellent work to read about the other protagonists."

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  5. Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox Robin Lane Fox was Oliver Stone's chief historical advisor during the making of "Alexander". This book remains a mainstay for everyone interested in Alexander the Great. Very readable, highly enjoyable. Adventure reading. More than any other book it might have inspired a lifelong enthousiasm for ancient history in many of us. member Marcus Pailing claims: "Because it's still great."

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  6. Into the Land of Bones by Frank Holt

    amazon.comWho needs Dan Brown when we have Frank Holt? With his Mystery of the Elephant Medallions Holt proved that history books can be written like a forensic detective thriller. Into the Land of Bones takes you to the barren mountain ridges of Afghanistan that were just as difficult to control for Alexander's army back then as for the US military nowadays.

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  7. Faces of Power by Andrew Stewart

    amazon.comObviously this is considered a fine book when it comes down to illustrations. Andrew Stewart has achieved the status of being the essential reference on the image evidence. And, well then, as you might expect, you will have to dig deep into your pockets for an unexpected spending spree. member Alexander Meeus: "The best book on the non-written sources."

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  8. The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian

    amazon.comThe old guys are back. Arrian wrote his Alexander history in 140 A.D. but he still reads like a modern adventure about heroism and chivalry. This is one of the five prime sources of our knowledge. If you like reading this, then you might also give Curtius and Plutarch a try.

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  9. The Nature of Alexander by Mary Renault

    amazon.comMary Renault is carefully walking the very thin line between scholarship and fantasy. No modern author has inspired more people to enlist as followers in Alexander's footsteps. Some readers claim it feels as if she actually 'knew' Alexander. Majestic.

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  10. The Genius of Alexander by Nicholas Hammond

    amazon.comThis great, respected scholar of Alexander is more than welcome in our Top 10. At last one of the few remaining genuinely positive views on Alexander's great achievements. Mister Nicholas Hammond died in 2001, aged 93. This book will live on.

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