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A critical overview of those many dozens of books published about Alexander & Co.

Please select an article from the menu on the left, to find reviews of a range of books on Alexander the Great and associated topics.

Dozens of books about Alexander the Great are published every year. Some are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent. Indeed, some are truly awful, and one wonders why they ever managed to get published. On Pothos we like to present as balanced an overview of the Alexander literature as possible, so you won't find reviews here only of the good books, or the bad ones. Indeed, it's even better to have more than one review of the same book, as it helps you to make up your mind whether you want to read it!

We also value new reviews from all Alexanderphiles. If you have read a book on Alexander and would like to write a review, please do so, and then contact one of the forum moderators, who will be happy to upload it to this review section.