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Jona Lendering - Alexander de Grote [Alexander the Great]

Author: Jona Lendering, The Netherlands
Title: Alexander de Grote - De ondergang van het Perzische rijk, 340-320 v.Chr. [Alexander the Great - The Demise of the Persian Empire, 340-320 BC]
Release: 15 October 2004
Publisher: Athenaeum - Polak & Van Gennep (Amsterdam, The Netherlands); ISBN 9025331440; 352 pages; € 22,95.
Summary: This new book examines the history of Alexander taking into full account - for the first time - the recently discovered evidence from translated Babylonian cuneiform tablets. So it provides a rare balance between Western (Greek and Roman) and Oriental (Babylonian) sources at last.

In the past 25 years, many new translations of cuneiform texts have been published. The same quarter of the last century witnessed the rise of a new Iranological paradigm. The present book tries to be a synthesis of this new cuneiform information, the new Iranology and the Classic sources. It also tries to bridge the gap between the two conflicting classical interpretations (Alexander the glorious, benign conqueror - versus Alexander the cruel despot) by using a model of transcultural leadership taken from modern management theory.

The author, a Dutch historian who has already published several books on ancient Rome and modern management, recently visited several countries in western Asia "in the footsteps of Alexander", adding field observations to broaden his understanding of Ancient history.

Synopsis submitted to by Jona Lendering. © Jona Lendering.