The Pharos

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The Pharos

Post by Paralus »

Pauline has asked me to post this blog video on the Pharos. If I understood our late night (my time) messenger exchange, the unit of measurement used in the Kasta monument is eastern, not Greek. Thus it has come from Egypt or elsewhere in the "east". Professor Vitti is an expert on the Pharos. I've not yet had the time to watch the entire video as yet (the weekend will give me that). If not directly related to Alexander, feel free to move this to the "Off Topic" forum Alexias.

Thanks Pauline. Looking forward to the video we discussed! ... ern-islam/
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Re: The Pharos

Post by Alexias »

Hi, thanks for the link. I have moved it to the off-topic forum as it is more about the influence of the Pharos on mediaeval minarets than directly related to Alexander's world.
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