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Philip II by Ed Anson

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:17 am
by Jeanne Reames
Arriving very soon (as in October 1st) is a new bio on Philip that has textbook potential.

Ed(ward) Anson is a long-time Macedoniast, teaches in Arkansas, has authored multiple articles and tends to deal especially with both pre-Alexander and post-Alexander (early Hellenistic, including the infamous dating dramas there).

Philip II, the Father of Alexander the Great: Themes and Issues, is the title. Link goes to the Amazon page for it.

Given it's Ed's work, I expect it to be well-cited and steeped in knowledge of the current academic literature.

Re: Philip II by Ed Anson

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2020 9:33 pm
by sean_m
Adrian Goldsworthy has also returned to ancient history with a book on Philip and Alexander (Philip and Alexander – kings and conquerors, Head of Zeus (UK) / Basic Books (USA)). The publishers picked Tom Holland, Barry Strauss, and Victor Davis Hanson to write blurbs which includes some controversial writers!

I would guess that it would be a bit lighter since he has not spent his career studying the Argeads like Ed Anson has.