Playing around with the new look

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Playing around with the new look

Post by jan »

I am learning slowly so it will be sometime before I begin to post. Reading how many posts that are attributed to me woke me up. HOpefully all were short and to the point! I will learn my way before posting again. Waking up to the fact that there is really nothing new under the sun about the subject matter and I was a bit too over enthusiastic it seems to me. But I enjoyed it all.
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Post away

Post by marcus »

Jan, you make it sound as if you are embarrassed to have posted so often on Pothos. You shouldn't - we need people who are as enthusiastic and loyal! Just think, x more posts and your rank could change to ... who knows what! (I'm aiming for the big 10,000 ... but it will be some time before I make it, and Thomas probably hasn't even thought what to call it ... perhaps a myriados?).

So post away - and there are plenty more topics for us all to chew over.

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Post by chris »

Wow! I haven't been in for a few days! What a site! Brilliant. Chris
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