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Fantastic Web site

Post by alexandersdesciple »

Hi folks Companions, Macedonians,Carians,Ionians and all the people whoe embrace this subject.I would like to hay hi to you all and chears to the people who set up this site.Its great to talk to people of equal knowledge and different view points on Alexander it all adds to knowledge and makes me more aware of my chosen subject.Aspects of war gender religion and the shear dynamics of Alexander make it a subject to talk for hours about,and even debate with more debate I would hope to get an even better understanding of the man.If its allowed I would like to post my E mail Adress to have further dialect on a more detailed tone with people who are interested if not I apologise and leave it up to the bosses to delete my E mail adress.I welcome all chat and all debate and maybe would be kinterested in any conventions or meetings.If not I will continue using this forum as its fantastic. Thankyou
My E mail Adress is;
[email protected] I hope I have not broken any rules.
regards Alexes desciple
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Re: Fantastic Web site

Post by blackajax1 »

Glad to have you on board, feel free to email me to discuss Alexander, Xenophon or anything else on your mind. A convention would be a great idea
alexanders desciple

black Ajax

Post by alexanders desciple »

Hi blackajax, thanksd for your welcome how can I write to you direct where is yout E mail adsress thanksAlexes desciple
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