Teachers of Alexander

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Teachers of Alexander

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Yesterday, October 5, was World Teachers' Day - to all teachers here - thank you very much for the important job you are doing. I wish you all to have attentive and inquisitive students!

Alexander was definitely an inquisitive student of Aristotle but whether he was attentive - it's a question mark. ;)

Yesterday, I came across a short poem by Goethe that called 'The teachers". I hope you enjoy reading it.


What time Diogenes, unmoved and still,
Lay in his tub, and basked him in the sun—
What time Calanus clomb, with lightsome step
And smiling cheek, up to his fiery tomb—
What rare examples there for Philip's son
To curb his overmastering lust of sway,
But that the Lord of the majestic world
Was all too great for lessons even like these!
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