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Re: Book Reveiw page

Post by NickWelman »

Hi there -
Sikander and Halil are doing the book reviews. I am waiting to see something appearing here too!
Regards -

Soon- very soon...

Post by Sikander »

We are almost ready- have been turning a 17 page document into
something manageble! It will be well worth the wait, and will be
designed to allow for additions as more books are reviewed, but that
is a step further down the road.
It has been difficult to decide what to keep and what to hold back for later,
but we want to thank everyone who contributed. You *will* all be included
over time, bear with us! We hope to get it up within the next week if all
goes well
PS- Some of the reviews sent to [email protected]
were "dumped" accidently- Marcus and Nick, yours are fine- but we lost a
couple others. So if you had a review submitted- other than Marcus
and Nick- please re-submit or send your name and the book you
reviewed so we can be certain we have salvaged all of them!
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Re: Soon- very soon...

Post by marcus »

Nice to know there wasn't a problem with *mine* - nyah nyah nyah <BG>
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