Pella tombstone

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Pella tombstone

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I came across this tombstone from Pella in "Pella Alexander's the Great's Capital" by Photios Petsas 1978

IMG_3238a.jpg (131.51 KiB) Viewed 1718 times

IMG_3241a.jpg (241.22 KiB) Viewed 1718 times
"...of red paint are preserved. The form of the stele, the shape of the letters and the style of the relief date the inscription to the years around 300 BC."

It is worn and not of particularly good quality, but the style of the image looks like the Hephaestion relief. It kind of makes you wonder if the Hephaestion relief actually depicts Hephaestion or is just a standard image of a young man.
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Re: Pella tombstone

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My student, Ann Haverkost, is currently working on an excellent thesis about Macedonian tombstones. Obviously, I don't want to post her conclusions until it's been defended, but I hope (and believe) she will be publishing some portions of it, and some of her conclusions. :-)
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