Athens underground

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Athens underground

Post by Alexias »

There was an interesting programme on the BBC recently about underground Athens. They used 3-D scanning, I think it is called geophotography, on the Erectheion, a video of which is here ... -instanbul, the silver mines of Laurion (south of Athens towards Cape Sounion, the wealth from which enabled the Athenians to build the fleet with which they and their allies defeated the Persians), and a Roman underground aqueduct. They also showed remnants of the city walls in an underground car park.

The whole programme is here [url] ... athens[url]. I don't know if it is available outside the UK.
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Re: Athens underground

Post by derek »

This was broadcast on PBS in the US a week or so ago. There are two others in the series, underground Cairo and underground Istanbul. All three were very good programs.

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