Source translations

Online translations of source documents

Although some of these may not be the most up-to-date translations, these are easy to search for a particular place, person or phrase, and so are easy to copy and paste.

Principal histories

Arrian Anabasis of Alexander ... 6976-h.htm

Arrian Indica ... -India.asp

Plutarch The Life of Alexander ... /home.html

Curtius History of Alexander ... 415;seq=45 Vol. 1 Books 1-5 ... 8407&seq=7 Vol. 2 Books 6-10

Diodorus Siculus Library of History ... /17A*.html

Justin Epitome of Pompeius Trogus ... rans7.html

Metz Epitome Part I Part II

Other sources

Plutarch On the Fortune of Alexander ... /home.html

Plutarch Moralia (search for Alexander on the page) ... als-5-vols ... 3639-h.htm (not the whole thing)

Plutarch Sayings of kings and commanders

Plutarch Life of Eumenes (Hephaestion quarrel) ... nes*.html

Polyaenus Stratagems Book 4 (search for Alexander on the page)

Incidental or anecdotal sources
(Search for Alexander on the pages or sub-pages, but beware of other Alexanders (eg Paris))

Aelian Various Histories

Arrian Discourses of Epictetus ... iciala.pdf

Athenaeus Deipnosophists ... /home.html

Lucian Dialogues of the dead

Ptolemy Life of Aristotle


Pseudo-Callisthenes Armenian Alexander Romance ... _trans.pdf

Pseudo-Callisthenes The Greek Alexander Romance
A combination of the Greek version translated by E.H.Haight (1955); the Armenian version translated by A.M.Wolohojian (1969); and the Syriac version translated by E.A.W.Budge (1889).

A Medieval Persian Romance ... rnamah.pdf

Other websites

Attalus Very informative site with links to Greek and Latin texts

Livius Comprehensive Greek and Roman history site Ancient Greek texts and links ... te%20Texts Hellenistic world texts and links ... #Alexander

Perseus Greek and Latin texts and translations

Topos Text Various ancilary texts, and maps

Dr Jeanne Reames site on Hephaestion

Waldemar Heckel “Who’s Who in the age of Alexander the Great” Well worth downloading or buying ... 00198.html

William Smith “Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology” ... 20Vol%201/ ... frontcover

Jstor Academic articles and images ... the+great]

Academia Academic articles ... +the+great

Alexander the Great - Historical texts in translation by Waldmar Heckel and J C Yardley
A useful compilation of translated extracts from the sources grouped according to subject matter ... ations.pdf