Hints on using the forum

Hints on using the forum

Text size

You must be a registered user to change the size of the text displayed.

If you wish to change the size of the text displayed in the forum for ease of reading, in your User Control Panel, go to Board preferences, Edit Global settings, and at the bottom of the page is an option to increase the size of the font displayed. You can increase this by percentage to your preference.


You can embed videos in your post with the 'media' icon to the right of the list of icons available when composing your post.

New users & edited posts

The first few posts for new users are moderated to help reduce spam posts. If your post is approved and you then edit it, your post will go back into the moderation queue, and will disappear from the board. When the edited post is approved, it will then appear in the discussion in a new position. If anyone has replied to your original post, this will lead to confusion as your post will now not be in order.

Until you become an approved user and can post without moderation, if you wish to edit your original post, it is better therefore to copy and paste your original post into a new post, and then make your changes and highlight what you have changed. This will make the discussion easier to follow.