Retracing Alexander's route through Uzbekistan

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Retracing Alexander's route through Uzbekistan

Post by chris_taylor »

I found a UK based travel agent who can arrange a custom made tour that follows Alexanders footsteps through Uzbekistan & Takjikistan. The only section not accessible is along the Amyr Darya to Kelif where he crossed the river. the border crossings are still closed. Mosque visits are optional, the focus is *entirely* on Alexander: Termez, Qarshi, Shahrisabz, Samarkand, Khoshand, Turkmenabat, Nurek gorge, Sogdigan Rock ...

if anyone is interested, message me privately.

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Re: Retracing Alexander's route through Uzbekistan

Post by Alexias »

Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately I am not free to go anywhere these days as I have commitments.
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