Civilisations BBC Programe

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Civilisations BBC Programe

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I thought I would visit the Pothos site and mention the BBC programe Called Civilisations...It was presented by a Historical Scholar I can quite remember his name...One episide shows us an Ancient Steam Engine Spinning Device .

One episode I was glad to see focussed on Alexander and the one thing he kept saying of Alexander was a big man in history...I had to grin a little as Physically he was not a big man at all...And realistically a Smallish man.

However I think they did outline Alexander basically as a person and achevents as a big man...However they were very clearly saying as a Contributor to Civilisation Alexander was minimal and basically ignored the idea of Civilisation.Its pretty clear that that is indeed the case as Alexander was really about leaving his own massive Signature on history as a a whole.

At the same point though its fair to say indeed the Civilisationsthat followed directly do owe to Alexanders Conquests and endevours...Were it not for Allexanders Military Carvings up then the following Ptolemies etc etc would have not esxisted and Probably its fair to Say Civilisattion would have panned out a whole lot different...Maybe Alexander didnt create Civilisation but In my opinion left the blank Canvas for peoples to establish.

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Re: Civilisations BBC Programe

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The geographic area Alexander conquered was hardly a blank canvas. If one is equating civilization with empire, then the Persians might rate a mention, no?
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