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Alexander film

Post by Linda »

According to Ananova, Heath Ledger is to play Alexander in a a film to be directed by Oliver Stone, to be released next Christmas. Ledger *looks* like A. (a bit...) but can he act A.? Anyone know?

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Re: Alexander film

Post by marcus »

Interesting. Now I come to think of it, Heath Ledger might not be too bad as Alexander. He's a decent enough actor, I reckon (he was good in The Patriot and managed a diverse enough role in A Knight's Tale) and I would certainly rather see him than Di Caprio as Alexander.
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Re: Alexander film

Post by Celeste »

So far I believe there is an interest in making a film about ATG, yet the directors are hesitant in embarking on adapting the scripts to screen. Ledger, in my opinion, would make a fine Hephaistion, but not Alexander. Joaquin Phoenix would be more credible as the leading role.

Re: Alexander film

Post by Tre »

I'm not betting the farm on this one. Stone has claimed to start then shelved an Alexander movie several times. What little he has said about the project suggests it would be less than popular at the box office. Sometimes, dead dogs should stay dead. Ledger is an OK actor, but not one I would pick to play Alexander. He can do decent comedy at least.
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Re: Alexander film

Post by Nicator »

I don't know this guy's work (Ledger), but if he's the boy that was killed by bayonet from the antagonist British guy...then I know at least one movie of his. We didn't see enough of him in that film to make a decision on whether or not he'd make a decent ATG, but it's at least not appalling (like LDC certainly is!). I still say Brad Pitt is the only actor alive who could pull the role off with any credibility...but if not him, then an unknown actor like Heath would be the way to go...if he can act...and so much of that is dependant on the script. Oh well, let's just be happy that LDC took a hike on this project, and spared us all the bad memory of seeing the great one inadvertantly lampooned.
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Re: Alexander film

Post by Margo »

OMG!! WOW! I just posted my question about Alexander movies, and I saw yours when I reloaded the page!!! Is that for sure!?
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