Forum request - avatars to 100 x 100

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Forum request - avatars to 100 x 100

Post by Tantalus »

Not life and death but I wanted to request that the avatar size limit be increased from 80 x 80 and 6 KB to 100 x 100 and 10 KB.

That small increase really wouldn't add too much to the forum bandwidth would it?

And a 100 x 100 size is just big enough to see much more detail in the avatars. 80 x 80 loses a lot of detail.

For example, my avatar is 80 x 76 and 5.52KB.
Here is my avatar at 100 x 95 and 9.07KB:


There is a big difference for a small size increase.

Most forums I belong to have a 100 x 100 10KB limit so I think it is a reasonable request.

And of course if people wanted to keep their 80 x 80s they could.

Thanks again Thomas for your work on the forum! (Just a little buttering up :) .)
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Re: Forum request - avatars to 100 x 100

Post by Thomas »

Only just saw this. :oops: Nearly a year late...

Now 100 x 100 and allowed to be 1024 bytes. :D
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