travel to Macedonia

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travel to Macedonia

Post by ariadne »

Hello everyone !

One of my dreams is to go to Macedonia (Greece) to visit the places where ATG lived 8) .
Pella, Vergina, Mieza (is possible), Thessaloniki for the museum ...

I need your advices
Maybe the are some other interesting places that you know ?
Which town do you recommand for an hotel, appartement ?

I think the most simple is to rent a car, but I'm not easy in driving in foreign countries :roll:
So are there bus to go to archeological sites? Maybe from Thessaloniki ?

I know this forum is not a travel agency, but I'm sure you're the best persons to give me advice in such a special trip !

And If there is a group of passionate people who plan this travel, it should be interesting....

Thank you a lot !
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Re: travel to Macedonia

Post by derek »

If you’re not doing detailed research and mainly just want to see the iconic sites, then maybe this type of tour would suit you:

My first trip to Greece was 20 years ago. I did a 2 week package holiday (with Cosmos) from England, with a coach tour of the whole country the first week and then staying at a resort the second week. The coach tour was quite hectic and tiring, with early mornings and a different hotel every night, but it was so much easier than trying to drive. We simply sat on the bus and looked out the window while it took us direct to the main sites; no crazy Athens traffic to navigate, no getting lost, and in the company of a busful of like-minded traveling companions. We saw all the bucket list sites, the Acropolis, Agora and Archaeological Museum in Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Pella and Vergina. We had enough time at each site and I never got back on the bus thinking I’d been rushed or that I’d missed out.

The second week was on the Haldikiki Peninsular (Macedonia) and we had the amenities of a resort: hotel, pool, restaurants, beach, and caught a local bus into Thessalonika. We also rented a car for a couple of days and drove back to Pella, and also got to Olynthus and Mieza, which are too remote to be on the itinerary for the coach tours.

Coach touring isn’t for everyone and my wife hates it (says she wants to be spontaneous), but I’ve been on coach tours all over the Mediterranean with my brother and we find it’s far less hassle than planning your own itinerary or looking for a parking space in some foreign city with an incomprehensible street plan. Wish I could convince my wife.

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Re: travel to Macedonia

Post by historyjunkie »

I'm wrapping up my trip in Greek Macedonia. I'd definitely add Edessa to the list. It was a beautiful surprise. And Dion, Mt Olympus and Aiani if you have time.

Driving would be a must since there's no other way to get to Mieza. I've had my share of adventures with driving but it's doable. PM me if you want more info.
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