Alexander trivia

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Alexander trivia

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Hi all

It's common knowledge that one of Alexander's pet dogs was called Peritas (but I do not remember the source for this). There is a late epigraph, on the 5th verse of which the name is mentioned (which by the way is a name for a person not a pet) along with a commentary that states that the name itself is found (and rarely at that) only in Macedonia. In addtion, the fourth month of the Macedonian calendar is called Περιτιος (Peritios - mid January to mid February). Etimologically it means "giving great honor".

Therefore we can naively reach some seperate conclusions: 1) Alexander named his dog after the man who gave it to him. 2) Alexander named his dog after the month of its birth or the month that it was given to him. 3) In any case, the dog was given a great honor by the King- apart from being the dog of the most powerful man of its time.

Here is the link ... sort=3&o=1

It goes without saying that this was not a proper scientific approach to the artifact. I only wanted to share my thoughts and smiles casually.


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