Reasons why Alexander was great?

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I frequent Daily Kos all the time and have had some of my computer art on the front page. Political, yes... but these are the people who are doing everything they can to stop the USA's slide towards a complete merger of corporate & government power -- better known as fascism.

Anyway, I just uprated this comment on the post AO linked to, which Pothosians might appreciate:
It's hard for to articulate this. I was talking to a soldier, a Marine I know about this and he was kinda shouler shruggy about it. He loves military history though and so I hit him below the belt. Told him that the city, Babylon, that his fellow Marines were ripping apart was where Alexander died. It had been his city, too. He never thought of it that way...telling him that so much of our own heritage comes from what is now Iraq had no meaning, till I said that.
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