If Alexander Lived; His Views On Death And Dying

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Semiramis wrote:

On a more personal level, there are records of Alexander playing games with his close friends and having drinking sessions. So, your position would be the sensible one rocktupac.
But nah... It's a much better story if we go with the madness theory.:) Getting the doctor hung. The excessive mourning. The killing of the Cosseans The unimaginably expensive funeral. Getting Hephaistion declared a hero (having originally aimed for god). Getting superstitious about his own death till the news comes through from Siwa. Surrounding himself with priests and magi. Promising to forgive the satrap of Egypt his considerable misdeeds if he honours Hephaistion. And dying of heartbreak less than a year later, before his own son is born. Come on! It's a best seller! :D
Yay, well said. <thunderous applause from the gallery>
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