Timeline of Philip's Life

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Timeline of Philip's Life

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Based on the chronological table in 'Philip of Macedon' by Nicholas Hammond

382 BC Birth of Philip, third son of Amyntas III, king of Macedonia and Eurydike of Lyncestis in Upper Macedonia

369 BC Death of Amyntas III. Accession of Philip's brother Alexander II. Philip hostage in Illyria

368 BC Philip a hostage in Thebes following intervention of Theban general Pelopidas in a war between Alexander II and Ptolemy of Alorus

367 BC Assassination of Alexander II. Accession of Perdiccas III, Philip's brother, under regency of Ptolemy of Alorus. Ptolemy and Eurydike appeal for help against a pretender Pausanias to Athenian general Iphicrates.

365 BC Death of Ptolemy of Alorus. Philip returns from Thebes

364-357 BC Philip's separate command of army

359 BC Death of Perdiccas III in battle against the Illyrians. Philip assumes regency for infant nephew Amyntas IV. Peace treaty between Philip and Athens. Defeat of Argaeus II, rival claimant to the throne

358 BC Defeat of Bardylis, Illyrian king. Marriage to Audata, daughter or granddaughter of Bardylis. Philip in Thessaly. Marriage to Phila of Elimeotis. Marriage to Philinna, a member of the Aleuad family of Larissa in Thessaly.

357 BC Philip attacks Amphipolis. Amyntas deposed and Philip elected king. Capture of Pydna. Alliance with the Chalcidian League. Capture of Potidaea. Philip secures permanent support of Thessalian league and their famed cavalry. Marriage to Olympias.

356 BC The Phocians occupy Delphi. Birth of Alexander (July/August). Philip's horse wins at Olympic games. Parmenion's victory over Illyrians. Alliance with Crenides, Thrace

355 BC Philip in Thessaly. Siege of Methone starts

354 BC Fall of Methone. Philip loses eye. Philip in Thessaly. Phocians defeated at Neon.

353 BC Thebans under Pammenes in Macedonia. Phocians defeat Philip twice (autumn)

352 BC Phocians defeated by Thessalians and Macedonians under Philip at Battle of the Crocus Field (spring). Marriage to Nicesipolis, niece of Jason, tyrant of Pherae. Philip turns back from invading Phocis at Thermopylae (summer). Philip's chariot wins at Olympic games. Philip in Thrace where he is taken ill.

351 BC Philip in Illyria. The First Philippic of Demosthenes against Philip

350 BC Philip in Epirus. Arybbas becomes regent. Alexander of Epirus removed to Pella

349 BC Philip at war with the Chalcidian League (midsummer). Philip in Thessaly

348 BC Fall of Olynthus (September)

347 BC Philip in Thessaly. Philip in Thrace

346 BC Defeat of the Thracian Odrysian kingdom. Sparta and Athens rebuffed at Thermopylae. Athens sends two embassies including Demosthenes and Aeschines to Philip. Capitulation of Phocians (July). End of Scared War (autumn). Philip presides over Pythian games at Delphi.

345 BC Diplomatic exchanges with Athens. Philip in Dardania. Campaign against Pleuratos king of Illyrians. Isocrates second Epistle to Philip

344 BC Philip in Illyria. Philip in Thessaly. The Second Philippic (autumn). Macedonian embassy to Athens. Demosthenes delivers Second Philippic

343 BC Philip sends embassy to Athens. Demosthenes prosecutes Aeschines (autumn)

342 BC Philip in Thrace. Philip in Epirus (summer). Establishes Alexander of Epirus on throne. Long campaign in Thrace

341 BC Settlement of Thrace. Marriage to Meda, daughter of Cothelas king of the Getae. Athens approaches Byzantium. Philip campaigns in Scythia. Marriage to a daughter of Atheas, a Scythian king.

340 BC Philip attacks Perinthus. Seizure of Athenian corn ships at Byzantium. Athens at war with Philip (autumn). Alexander regent, defeats Maidoi and founds Alexandropolis

339 BC Philip in Northern Thrace against the Scythians. Command of the Fourth Sacred War given to Philip against Amphyictyons. Philip at Elatea near Delphi

338 BC Battle of Chaeronea (August 22). Philip in the Peloponnese. Isocrates third Epistle to Philip

337 BC Creation of the Greek Community at Corinth with Philip as hegemon. Declaration of campaign against Persia. The Pixodarus affair. Marriage of Amyntas and Cynna. Marriage of Philip and Cleopatra. Campaign in Illyria (autumn or spring 336)

336 BC First expeditionary force enters Asia (spring). Marriage of Alexander of Epiros and Philip's daughter Cleopatra and assassination of Philip (October)
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