Oriental literary sources

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Re: Oriental literary sources

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Just read Sean's piece on the two interpretations of the Astronomical Diary; very good, I like the Rofflinger take, but might question the supplying of 'camp' as the missing feminine singular based on the classical versions, but it would take a week or more with an Akkadian dictionary to suggest anything better :D
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Re: Oriental literary sources

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You are welcome. I hope to do more posts which summarize things in German which would be of interest to a wider audience, like a new book on kingship in Urartu or Volquadsen on Diodorus and Ephorus. But for the next few weeks I feel like something lighter.

I wonder if the missing feminine singular something might have been a word for “battlefield” or “defeat” or “disaster.” It is frustrating that there is at least a sentence or two describing the "heavy defeat" in the part of the tablet which has broken away. Still, one day they may turn up a temple archive with a complete run of astronomical diaries, not the excerpts which have been identified so far.
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