The Murder of Alexander the Great, Book 2: The Secret War

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The Murder of Alexander the Great, Book 2: The Secret War

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Author: Ajith Kumar


The Murder of Alexander the Great, Book 2: The Secret War by Ajith Kumar is a tale that instantly arrests the attention of history buffs and readers who enjoy exploring mysteries about historical personages and books that are meticulously researched and brilliantly written. The second book in a two-part book series that documents research uncovering seventy-two secrets that led to the assassination of Alexandra the Great and the secret war that galvanized that defeat. The book follows the unstoppable expedition of Alexander the Great to the limits of the then-known world and his return which culminated in his death in Babylon. At the heart of the book is the question: Who killed Alexander the great and under what circumstances?

This thoroughly researched book unearths secrets that are not readily accessible to readers. The author allows the triumphs of Alexander the Great to shine through the narrative, showing him as an undefeated conqueror whose battles witnessed successes across three different continents. The author shares events leading up to the demise of the great warrior, the interesting and crucial moment played by the passage through the Hindu Kush Mountains, and the role played by an Indian war strategic manual, skillfully executed to halt the conquest of Indian, forcing the undefeatable warrior towards his doom. The book is beautifully written, and it is hard to believe it is not just a well-crafted fiction. It is immersive, thanks to the author’s ability to narrate in a flawless manner, writing in dazzling prose and surprising readers with astonishing historical finds. The Murder of Alexander the Great, Book 2: The Secret War explores a war that was beautifully executed to thwart and eventually defeat one of the greatest warriors of all times. It is not spellbinding but immersive and hugely informative, a work that transports fans of history back to ancient times. It brims with strong imagery and moments that will take readers by surprise.
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