One of Pothos' results

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One of Pothos' results

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The famous inscription found in Afganistan in the area of Arachosia, carved on a rock on the way to Alexandria of the region. Writen in 2 languages, in Aramaic, the official Persian language, as well as in greek. It refers to the Indian king Piyadasi (Πιοδασση) who is known in the Budist literature as "Asoka". The Asoka ruled in the start of the 3rd BC and has been turn buddist at the time the inscriptions is being carved. The tremendous thing here is that the isncription was also inscribed in Greek which means there were Greek citizens there who were supposed to read it.

Here is the link to the actual carved stone as well as the text: ... t=3&page=1

The translation is as following:

Since 10 years had passed from the corronation, the Piyadasi king showed people (the rule of) the piety, and from thereon he made the people more pious, and everything on earth flourishes. And the king keep his distance from the living beings and the same goes for the rest of the people. And all who are the king's huntsmen and fishermen have stopped their hunts: And if there are licentious people they try to keep away from licentioussnesses as much as they can and they are obedient to their father and mother and their elders, in contrast to how they were before. And by applying all these they will be in a better and preferable state in everything in the future.

Well, imagine Alexander keeping his distance from hunting, meat and fish. Buddist life was a close call for him right? Joking!
However, 100 years later, in Afganistan, the Greek language ws spoken as one of the official languages. Pothos.
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