Snake/Leucos island (Greek: Λευκός, "White Island")

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Snake Island - are you interested in the some information?

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Snake/Leucos island (Greek: Λευκός, "White Island")

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Are you familiar with the story of Snake Island in the Black Sea, where, according some legends, the remains of Achilles and Patroclus were brought to by Thetis, to be put in a sanctuary? This island is not to be confused with Leucos Island in the Ionian sea where, according to different set of legends, Achilles married Iphigenia. As far as Google results shows, there is very a limited information about this island in English but there is a plenty in Russian. So, I thought, for Alexander's birthday, I can translate some info for the Pothos' members. If, of course, there is any interest.

The poll below/above (?) will serve as an indicator.

P.S. this is a first time I created a poll here, so apologies if something goes wrong.
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