Dodona 2017 Exhibition

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Dodona 2017 Exhibition

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The link above is from the 2017 Dodona Exhibition in the Acropolis Museum.Just a bit before it was over I had the opportunity to visit.

I believe there is no evidence of Alexander visiting the Oracle of Dodona but since it was in Epirus,his mother's homeland, it is almost certain that he must have paid a visit at some point in his youth (Olympias for sure had paid a visit I think). The Oracle was even more ancient than the one at Delphi if memory serves me right and maintained some primal characteristics. The main one was the oak tree from which leaves and the holy artifacts hanging from its branches, the will of the Gods was construed. The main dieties were Zeus and his wife Dione.The pilgrims would inscribe their questions on lead plates and would give them to the priests and wait for an answer. From a human perspective, the plates with the pilgrims' questions are the most interesting. Here, for the first time, they are all together in display.

Dodona had many dedications from pilgrims, some of which are on display. The link photos are not in a correct order but because of their sheer number I could not possibly arrange them in time to make the post. So please be patient.


Here is a taste
DSC05615.jpg (99.02 KiB) Viewed 1420 times
DSC05643.jpg (217.14 KiB) Viewed 1420 times
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Re: Dodona 2017 Exhibition

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Very interesting, thank you Pauline! I tried to read the inscription but I miss some letters. I'm not very good with III c.B.C. cursive writing.
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