Pothos is a labour of love.  It costs real money to run the site.  The google ads (yuk) help with most of the cost but you can support the site by buying books through amazon or a direct donation.  You get a nice book and we get a small percentage.

If you click a link to amazon on this site and then buy any book, pothos.org gets 5% of the book cost. If you click a direct link to a book and buy it, pothos.org gets 10%. So, (no pressure - it's a free world) why not support pothos.org by clicking the links below and buy books at amazon.co.uk or amazon.com. It costs you nothing, you get the excellent service amazon provides, and keep my dream alive at the same time.

Buy a book from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com and give pothos 5%.

If you are feeling really keen, you could go to amazon, copy the ISBN number of the book you want to buy, paste it in to the box below and click the appropriate button. That way, pothos.org gets 10%!

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P.S. In the nine years that pothos has been in existence, the total revenue has been about $40, so I am not expecting to make my fortune.